At the Forum you'll enjoy many opportunities of meetings, growth and fun:

Bank of knowledge, space of interchange,

Audio Area, Video documentary,

Art Space, Children Space

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The Focus: the Biodanza system,

a social pedagogy

          for the quality and

                  care of life



Three days of workshops with theoretical-practical interventions to dance the art of happiness together!

Laboratories / Vivencias / Conferences Practical lessons in the areas of:
Social integration (Biodanza for the integration and expression of specific sections of the community)

Biocentric Education (Biodanza in the family / for the prevention of intra-domestic violence / in school: projects for primary and secondary education)
Biocentric / clinical education (Biodanza for the integration of young children, teenagers and young immigrants / Biodanza for the prevention of juvenile distress in neighborhoods at risk)
Clinical Biodanza (Biodanza with people with mental illnesses, disabilities, behavioral disorders and neurological disorders / Biodanza for rehabilitation from drug addiction and alcoholism / eating disorders /

in social projects for the prevention and reduction of stress)
Biodanza for social workers (Burn out syndrome reduction projects)

Speeches by the most qualified teachers of the Biodanza Movement from all over the world:

* Speeches and lessons from: psychiatrists and psychotherapists / academics
* Exhibition spaces with audio / video documentaries * Art space
This Forum is proposed for the ninth edition as an experiential and interactive space open to all for:

dance, excitement, listening, learning, interchanging, meeting. It intends to continue and amplify a fertile and constructive debate on the extraordinary pedagogy of Biodanza in building a thriving life, where happiness is "a social value" for everyone.

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