Thurday 25th (10- 18)-Friday 26th (10-14)

Exclusive: Biodanza And The Four Seasons

(1st Module Winter - Spring)

Designed and Conducted

by Tuco Nogales (Spagna)

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Contents of the Course:

  1. Why the four seasons

  2. The cycles of life

  3. The wisdom of nature

  4. The four seasons

  5. Autumn, the cycle beginning

  6. Winter. The cave.

  7. Spring. The seed.

  8. Summer. The fruit of plenty

  9. Biodanza and the four seasons

  10. The seasons and the vital unconsciousness

  11. The four seasons and the Biocentric Principle

  12. The four seasons and the Theoretical model of Biodanza

  13. Mythology and the four seasons

  14. Identity and regression

  15. The five lines of vivencia in the seasons

  16. Methodology of the four seasons in Biodanza

  17. Dancing autumn

  18. Dancing winter

  19. Dancing spring

  20. Dancing summer

  21. Music and exercises

  22. Reports of vivencia

  23. The fifth season

  24. The four seasons by Vivaldi

  25. Bibliography and references

The Workshop is for both facilitators of Biodanza during training and those who are already qualified, and 3rd year students (after authorization of the pertaining school).


DATE OF THE SECOND MODULE (Summer-Autumn) 26/28 February 2021


1 – fill in and send the registration form online on either site  and 

2 – send the bank transfer of the right amount to the following bank details:

Centro Gaja: Centro Veneto Bassano Banca
IBAN IT32 Q085 9011 8020 0090 0018 543
Swift Code/Bic (per estero): CCRTIT2TBCV


Thursday 25th (10am-6pm) /Friday 26th (10am-2pm) Euro 150,00.

This includes participation to the courses including the teaching material.

It does not include accommodation (room and board).


under no circumstances will cancellations be considered, but transfers can be made by the unable participant to another registered person.

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He is an actor, poet, facilitator and didatta (teacher) of Biodanza. He graduated in the School “Rolando Toro” in Madrid and he was trained as an Ibf didatta (teacher) directly by Rolando Toro. He is a massage therapist (Chiromassage, Lymphatic drainage, Foot reflexology) and the director of the School of Biodanza “Al-Andalus” of Almeria. He has comprehensively explored the extensions of: Biodanza and voice, Biodanza and massage, Tree of Wishes and Four seasons. Since 1999 he has taught weekly courses and formation workshops in Spain and in parts of Europe and South America.


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