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Thurday 25th (10- 18)-Friday 26th (10-14)

Exclusive: Biodanza And The Four Seasons

(1st Module Winter - Spring)

Designed and Conducted

by Tuco Nogales (Spagna)

"Biodanza and the four seasons is a vivencial approach to the cyclical being that we are.

On the one hand it is a celebration of the arrival of each season of nature, and on the other a proposal to connect with what each season can bring to our lives.

If we understand that autumn gives us the opportunity to leave what is already falling and we leave our leaves with serenity and calm, if we understand that winter presents us with the possibility of our inner cave, to be reborn then in the following spring and power thus celebrating the abundance of fruits in summer, we will have understood the mystery that repeats itself in nature.

We are cyclical beings and, as in nature, our lives are governed by cycles.

Dancing spring, summer, autumn and winter allows us to return to our origins, and makes us more whole and in resonance with the environment around us.



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The reservation is made:

1-filling in and sending the form
online registration on the website and

2 - by sending a transfer of the amount to the following bank details:
Centro Gaja: Banca del Veneto Centrale
IBAN IT32 Q085 9011 8020 0090 0018 543
Swift Code/Bic (for foreign countries): CCRTIT2TBCV
Cancellation Policy: for no reason can the cancellation be considered a condition for the refund of the sum
paid, but it can eventually be transferred by the unable participant to another member.

the paid fee will be fully refunded in case of impossibility to participate due to restrictions for Covid-19.

Thursday 25 (10-18)/Friday 26 (10-14) Euro 150.00
The fee includes participation in the course including teaching material.
It does not include any cost of the stay

(room and board)

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He is an actor, poet, Biodanza facilitator and didactic. He graduated in the School “Rolando Toro” in Madrid and he was trained as an Ibf didatta (teacher) directly by Rolando Toro. He is a massage therapist (Chiromassage, Lymphatic drainage, Foot reflexology) and the director of the School of Biodanza “Al-Andalus” of Almeria. He has comprehensively explored the extensions of: Biodanza and voice, Biodanza and massage, Tree of Wishes and Four seasons. Since 1999 he has taught weekly courses and formation workshops in Spain and in parts of Europe and South America.



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